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What Are Facebook Ads?

If your audience isn’t looking for your brand, your problem, or your solution, Facebook’s  amazing audience targeting makes it easy for you to reach out to them. It’s also the easiest PPC platform for non-marketers to start learning paid advertising on, and despite everyone advertising on Facebook, it’s still relatively cheap compared to most other marketing channels.


Even if you’re targeting professionals, Facebook can target clones (lookalike audience) of your existing customers. You can also retarget professionals via Facebook if they click on your links in your cold emails. You just have to give Facebook  a hint, there are so many ways they can get NSA-ish and accurate on your current & potential customers.


Common Mistakes Founders Make

  • Not testing enough

  • Not refreshing creatives often enough/not keeping an eye on frequency

  • Targeting not specific enough (too broad = too expensive)

  • No campaign specific landing page.


Real World Examples

Top Facebook Ad Campaigns from 2016

Examples of Successful Facebook Ads  Dollar Shave Club, Slack, Google,


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