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a one week growth bootcamp for 500 Startups' seed program companies

Start Your Engines!
Hell Week is like a week long biz conference except instead of paying $5,000 to travel and buy a ticket, you can watch all the presentations from your parents' basement.
We f̶o̶r̶c̶e̶d̶ gathered the top growth marketers to share their secrets so you can optimize what's working and explore new avenues for growth. 
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Andrew Chen
Growth at Uber. Advisor/investor for startups like AngelList & Dropbox
Annabell Satterfield
Senior Product Manager, Growth at BitTorrent, Inc.
Armando Biondi
Cofounder ​@AdEspresso​ & 5 more tech/non-tech co's before. Angel investor in ​@Mattermark​ + 45 startups
Aurelie Davis
VP Marketing at One Kings Lane
Bernard Huang
Distribution Hacker in Residence for 500 Startups
Brittany Murlas
Growth Marketer. Former CMO of Babylist. Mentor at 500 Startups.
Chandini Ammineni
Distribution Partner and HELL boss, 500 Startups
David Quiec
Customer Acquisition & Demand Gen. Distribution Hacker in Residence for 500 Startups.
Dellaena Maliszewski
Community Development Senior Manager at SendGrid
Gabriela Ghimis
Growth at Digit
Gaurav Agarwal
VP Growth at Molekule
Hannah Russin
Growth Marketing Consultant. Director of Scalability & Growth at Datascore.
Hiten Shah
Founder, Quick Sprout & Kissmetrics
Irene Shih
Co Founder at TrueClick Media. Distribution Hacker in Residence for 500 Startups
Jeannette Sacks
Senior Director of Merchandising & Marketing @StackCommerce
John Hamilton
Operator, Growth Hacker, Advisor, Mentor
Monica Ohara
Growth Marketing for Startups. CEO & Co-Founder of DataScore.
Nemo Chu
Growth Hacker, Distribution Hacker in Residence for 500 Startups
Rachel Barge
Product Marketing at A3 Labs
Ron Schneidermann
CMO at AllTrails
Soso Sazesh
Founder and CEO at Growth Pilots
Susan Su
Distribution Partner, 500 Startups
Scott Kraft
Angel, Mentor, Strategy, Brand
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