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What Is It?

It is advertising to your MOST qualified leads - the people who visited your site/downloaded your app/watched your video on YouTube/Signed up for your newsletter etc., but didn’t convert to a customer. These are folks who have already expressed an interest in your product or solution space, and it is cheaper to convert this pre-qualified set of people into customers than to target an audience who doesn’t know you. If you’re driving any traffic to your site via organic or paid means, remarketing is the cheapest, easiest (especially via FB), and most targeted form of paid advertising you can try. It helps you maximize the ROI for the channels that drove the first visit.


Remarketing also helps build your brand image through repeat exposure. Over 90% of the people who visit a site will exit without converting to a customer or lead. Remarketing helps you stalk these people around the web in emails, while watching YouTube videos, using social networks or searching for information, with targeted and relevant messaging.

How to do it?

Create a target audience by placing FB pixel and/or Google Tag Manager in your site, or upload your segmented audience emails, or link your youtube account to your google adwords account etc.

With target CAC in mind, create personalized offers, creatives and landing pages, and optimize frequency of ads, recency (how long do you want to continue showing your ad after the first visit, second visit etc.), bid.


Common Mistakes Founders Make

  • Not segmenting out the audience enough - i.e remarketing to everyone. Start from the bottom of the funnel - the visitors who had items in the cart, or at least were shopping, instead of just visiting

  • Not having tags in your key pages

  • Keeping the same cookie length for all your campaigns (It depends on how long the decision process takes)

  • You don’t have a pixel on your post conversion page


Real World Example

Here Are Five Awesome Examples of Remarketing


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