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GTD Taken To A New Level

The exercises below are recommended for Marketing Hell Week. To get the most out of the workshops and speakers, do all the things by Monday 1/31/17

Building a Growth Machine


Watch this video

(30 mins)


Brian Balfour, VP of Growth at Hubspot, walks you through how to achieve authentic, long-lasting growth by focusing on process over tactics, and by making sure you keep your eye on the right ball.




Where's the ball?

Startup Metrics for Pirates, AARRR!


Build your Pirate Metrics Table

(30 mins)


Chief Pirate and Sith Lord Dave McClure shares his framework for understanding your customer lifecycle.

(Optional: Watch this video)





Map out your customer lifecycle

Indispensable Growth Frameworks


Assemble your Growth Equation

(30 mins)


Andy Johns explains the framework he used at Facebook, Twitter, and Wealthfront "to assess whether a product or a business has the ability to grow at scale for an extended period of time."




Identify your growth levers

Customer Segmentation


Fill this template

(2 hrs)



Discover behavioural and demographic insights about your highest value customers, and, holes in your data collection, if any.





Who are your best customers?


Landing Page Optimization


Conduct these customer interviews

(10 hrs)


Rand Fishkin of Moz fame helps you research and indentify fears and objections of potential customers to your messaging. Follow instructions in article to talk to all 3 types of current and potential customers



Get out of the building and talk to customers

Analytics Audit



Do this homework

(30 mins)


Understand tracking implementation holes and limitations of tools. Having no data is bad, but using wrong data is worse.




Is your tracking right?

Personas & Hooks


Video Slides Ad Grid Ad Checklist

(2 hrs)


Molly Pittman at Digital Marketer helps you think through the different hooks you can use to advertise (or create organic content for) your target demographic. 




What should your ad say?

Seriously, do your work.


Put your pre-work to use!

Supplemental Material

This material isn't 'required', per se. But if you want to be badass-ier, well, you should probably check it out.

Usability Test Script


Read this script

(30 mins)


Steve Krug gently walks you through the entire process of how to run a user test, word for word.







Test it!

23 Campaigns Every Startup Should Run


Read this article

(30 mins)


Juan Martitegui lays out the unit economics of advertising, and offers up 23 campaigns you should run to help get you to CAC < LTV.





Run it!

A Boatload of Other Material


Get Smart



Check out this mountain of other videos from a past Marketing hell Week. Get a jump on the material, and squeeze out even more value from your own MHW.



Be it!


Are you getting scared?

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