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Able To Drive Traffic/Able to Convert visitors or downloads to Customers? 


You have a testable product (MVP link), and you’ve done Customer Development (you know who has problems and what problems they have), the next step is to road test this MVP -  put it in front of real people, who are experiencing the problem you’re solving, and see if they “buy into” the promise you’re making.


Are you able to drive traffic/downloads? Are you able to get people who have this problem visit your landing page/app download page? (Actual strangers, not just your friends and family) Yes or No?

Are you able to convert this traffic into customers? i.e Are you able to get these folks to “buy into” your promise? Do they believe in or need what you’re selling enough to give you something valuable: their email id, credit card, money, time (download your app, spend time on your website, read your white paper, try out your widget/calculator) fill our your contact form, give you their friends’ email ids…. Yes or No?

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